Direct & Bulk Mail-Outs

It's a fact that Direct Mail is far more persuasive than digital media. It's motivation response is 20% greater and more so if it appeals to senses beyond touch. No other media channel compares with the reach of letterbox marketing. Over 80% of the Australian population read addressed and unaddressed mail every week. (TrueImpact, 2015; ACA, 2016; Roy Morgan Research, 2015).

We are now offering Bulk Mail-Outs: a cost-effective way to send fully addressed mail to clients, customers, employees and stakeholders.

Allow us to help customise your mail-outs and handle all the fiddly details for you with speed and accuracy. From pre-sorting to barcoding for Australia Post, our new competitively priced Bulk Mail services will save you time and money!

Our Targeted Mailing service allows you to focus communications on all households within a certain postcode, or even narrow the field to areas within postcodes. This makes it easier to align your message with each demographic and allows you to improve and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. What's more, as unaddressed mail that's delivered with the regular mail, you save money on postage whilst ensuring your campaign doesn't end up getting lost in piles of junk mail.

Let our technology do the manual tasks for you: double, triple or quadruple fold printed pieces to almost any desired size and collate multiple pieces into one envelope ready for mailing.